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Welcome to the Seriously Fam! Where modern professionals get serious about creating the life of their dreams and the wealth to go with it. Michael and Alisa are siblings who rarely fought as children, lived together for a short stint, and once even worked at the same office. They’re close. Now with Michael living in Fresno and Alisa living in LA, they use this podcast to chat about what they’re up to in work and life. 

Seriously though, Michael is a Wealth Adviser and Alisa is a Vision Producer. You can expect Michael to reveal tips to save, manage, and invest your money. Alisa will share best practices on getting clarity on your vision, creating a strategy, and making it happen!

Dec 28, 2019

Welcome to our first episode! Michael Manjarrez and Alisa Manjarrez are brother and sister who are always sharing ideas ranging from whatever they’re obsessed with on tv to smart tips they give to their coaching and financial advising clients. As a financial adviser, Michael helps his clients plan for the future by strategically saving and investing their funds. As an executive coach, Alisa works with a range of high-performing leaders to coach their teams to success while staying on top of their game.

In this episode, Michael gives a coffee shoutout to their dad, Tony Manjarrez, and Alisa gives a coffee shoutout to her favorite San Pedro roaster, Trinity CBC.

Alisa mentions A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby movie on Netflix.

Michael shares this quote from his financial planning hero Ric Edleman: “The number one mistake people make is procrastination. They simply don't begin to save as early as they should.”

Alisa shares this from Atomic Habits author James Clear’s Instagram: “Challenge yourself when life is easy so you can handle it when life gets hard.”

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